We travel to tattoo conventions on a regular basis and are always adding new travel dates. Be sure to check back to see when we will be in your state!

Arizona Invitational Tattoo Expo

We'll be at the Arizona Invitational - Tattoo Expo April 19-21st. Be sure to stop by our booth and see what we have going on.


We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Dallas Tattoo Arts Convention

We're coming Texas! We'll be at the Villain Arts - Dallas Tattoo Arts Convention June 28th-30th!


If you are interested in getting a tattoo while we are there, send us a message NOW to schedule!

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Hell City Tattoo Fest

We will be be at the Arizona Biltmore for Hell City 'The Rapture' August 23rd-25th. If you are interested in getting tattooed while we are there, message us now to schedule!

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Battlefield Tattoo Expo

We're coming to Pennsylvania for Battlefield Tattoo Expo October 11-13th!


If you are interested in booking a tattoo appointment, message us now to get scheduled while you still can!

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