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Glendale Arizona's Premiere Tattoo Artist Hollis Cantrell - Owner of Iconic Tattoo & Piercing. Stop on in for all Your Tattoo and Piercing Needs.

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From Our Owner - Hollis Cantrell

Color Tattoos

Color realism, traditional, portraits, custom color tattoos, & more! We can handle anything you put in our way. Click on the tattoo image above to see more!

Black & Grey Tattoos

Custom black and grey, portraits, realism, & more! 

Coverup Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo that you have been wanting covered up? We’ve got you covered! Cover-up tattoos usually take more than one pass, so be prepared. Let us cover up your old tattoos or tattoos that you hate today! 


Meet Our Tattoo Family

For All Your Tattoo & Piercing Needs

Hollis Cantrell owns Iconic Tattoo & Piercing and runs a family business.

  • Hollis CantrellOwner - Tattoo Artist

Owner of Iconic Tatto and Piercing – Tattoo Artist

  • Diamond DahliaManager - Piercer

Manager of Iconic Tattoo & Piercing, Model, Piercer

  • Bella CantrellTattoo Apprentice

Bella is apprenticing under Hollis to do tattoos and is also available to do piercings.

  • Mia CantrellPiercer

Mia is available to do piercings and is learning to tattoo.


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